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The BIG, actually YUUUUGE, BigNoise garage sale is on!

I am in the process of upgrading and expanding my workshop, exciting news!
So there’s a hieve of activity and a LOT to sort through, guitar players rejoice! This means I will have some goodies for sale at rock bottom prices, beautiful sonic things that are one offs, for testing and R&D and will be great for your personal R&R!
New Zealand customers: high alert to check out my Trade Me listings and one dollar auctions as I’m sifting through the shelves and find appliances that I thought I never might sell because they are just too unique, too funky, too good or simply misunderstood by the world out there!
What a chance for all of us, me clearing space and raising money for workshop upgrade, you guys grabbing the bargains.
Win win win…

Check it out here.

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