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reverb guitar effect stompbox


Make it big. Get a room.

reverb guitar effect stompbox

Lost in Space Reverb

From classic Spring Reverb feel that you can control and dial in with Dwell and Tone control to your taste, it can go big and looooong tails when dialed up on those. Switch the Oscillation toggle up and it goes almost, yes almost but not quite into self oscilation. Huge.
Sometimes people feel that the guitar signal feels a little weaker with big reverbs. Not a problem here, you can dial the volume up a bit if needed to be present again. Or even when you want it boosted above unity. All there in a small package.
Based on the well established ‘Belton reverb Brick’ developed by stompbox ace Brian Neunaber and used in many successful stompbox implemantations.

reverb guitar effect stompbox

The Springs

Firmly on my to do list: the simple genius of a Fender Spring reverb with just one knob. It’ll be coming.
More details and demo to be released soon!
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reverb guitar effect stompbox

“I’ve had a Doppler Vibe on my board for a few months now and I still keep finding more in it.
It has a way of sitting inside your sound rather that on top of it. Great pedals and great service.”



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