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Customer reviews guitar effects


Don’t take just my word for it. Listen to these guys.

Customer reviews guitar effects

“I’ve got a couple of BigNoise drives (Princeton and Screwdriver) and both of them are extremely well built. The sound is bang on the money and these will be getting used for a long time!

Warren Mendonsa (aka blackstratblues), Auckland

Customer reviews guitar effects

“The Phase Four has the versatility and depth of sound I’ve been looking for – it does everything I needed from a Small Stone or Phase 90 incredibly well, but has so much more scope to go beyond conventional phaser sounds into wilder musical territory””

Jason Herbert, Auckland

Customer reviews guitar effects

“Stephan made me a bespoke ‘harp shield’ to help prevent feedback when using a harmonica mic and amp at volume.
It has been the answer to all my feedback issues. Stephan’s personal service and attention to detail is second to none.
He’s true craftsman, artisan and all ‘round top bloke. Keep it local and look no further than Big Noise amplification.”

David Thorpe, Christchurch

Customer reviews guitar effects

“You know you have quality pedals when you cant stop playing and tweaking. Both pedals I have bought from BigNoise fit that bill.
BigNoise also went to extreme lengths to ensure I got exactly what I was after.”

Rawiri White, Rotorua

Customer reviews guitar effects

“Hi Stephan. Just letting you know that I’m absolutely loving these pedals. The Golden Syrup harmonic tremolo definitely gives what I’m looking for. Even when the depth is right down, it gives a fantastic sort of glue that is so addictive. Thanks a lot.”

Nick Gribble, Auckland

Customer reviews guitar effects

“Just a quick word to say thanks so much for my new custom designed ‘Syd Barrett Fuzz’ pedal. It does exactly what I love and more in a Fuzz pedal. Great friendly service from a guy who thinks ‘outside of the box’ and in.”

Peter Dowling aka TopperNZ , Nelson

Customer reviews guitar effects

“I’ve had a Doppler Vibe on my board for a few months now and I still keep finding more in it.
It has a way of sitting inside your sound rather that on top of it. Great pedals and great service.”

Glyn Evans (Mr. Glyn), Auckland

Customer reviews guitar effects

“This one (the Golden Syrup harmonic Tremolo sic) is quite unique in that sense that is such an amazing range…. It’s perfect for Soul, Blues and R&B styles, but I also use this a lot when I do Rock gigs and stuff….. What it says it’s gonna do it does very well.”

Nick Granville, Wellington

Customer reviews guitar effects

“I was new to stompboxes. Stephan was great in explaining the options, helping set it up, and checking in afterwards how I was doing.
You can tell that Stephan is passionate about his products… I purchased two custom made pedals of him, a Zenmaster Overdrive combo and a Time Machine Delay. I also purchased his custom made Indigo all valve amp.”

Henk-Jan Droppers, Nelson

Customer reviews guitar effects

“I’ve been searching for an acoustic guitar boost pedal and found the BigNoise Equilibrium Boost simply awesome.  Giving a very subtle overdrive with bass, mid and treble adjustments my sound becomes full, chunky and exciting. I can’t play without it now!
For my electric bass Stephan built me a custom Octaver pedal allowing me to dabble deeper in the sexy dark tones.  The onboard extra boost switch is fantastic for soloing, and I only need the one pedal!.”

Darryn Hunter, Nelson

Customer reviews guitar effects

“Since discovering BigNoise way back in the norties I have purchased several exclusive pedals including vibe, phaser, dirt, boost, wah and tremolo. A stand-out early one with custom artwork (now evolved into the RATBAG) has been on my board reliably going back at least 2011. Not only 10 years service but its versatility in the fuzz spectrum never ceases to impress. I’ve found I don’t need to look elsewhere because Stephan retains an encyclopedic knowledge  just about any boutique or legendary pedal you’d care to name.”

Spencer Travis, Auckland

Customer reviews guitar effects

“I have a few of Stephan’s pedals, especially an earlier tube screamer and compressor
combined pedal which was one of his first models years ago.
The quality of his workmanship is second to none, still sounds great as well as the later models.
I can’t recommend him enough to other musicans, if they’re after vintage sounds with extras options.
The fact I live in the same town as him means I don’t have far to go to buy them.
Great work Stephan, always look forward to your new creations.”

Glynn Olsen, Nelson


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