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delay guitar effect stompbox


Your place in space and time.

delay guitar effect stompbox

Outer Space Delay

Fully analog dry signal path. Mix in as much or as little Delay line signal with the warmth of the PT2399 digital chip which is know for it’s proximity to the old school BBD chips. Best of both worlds.
Modulation on top if you want, add your Speed and Depth to the mix. On full Time and Feedback settings it runs close to self oscillation, just like the old ones used to do, with the repeats degrading naturally and sitting neatly under your guitar sound without getting in the way.
Demo coming soon!

delay guitar effect stompbox

Mercury Delay

It’s in the works, that’s all I say for now.
I’m a busy Dude, give me a break 😉
More details and demo to be released soon!
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delay guitar effect stompbox

“I’ve got a couple of Big Noise drives (Princeton and Screwdriver) and both of them are extremely well built. The sound is bang on the money and these will be getting used for a long time!”

Warren Mendonsa (aka blackstratblues)


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