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tremolo effect stomp boxes


Sweet soft feel and texture. Nice.

tremolo effect stomp boxes
tremolo effect stomp boxes

Golden Syrup Harmonic Tremolo

The name says it all. Sweet golden juicy nectar for your sound.
Harmonic tremolo is the hall mark of the classic Fender Brownface amplifier sound, much sought after.
Your guitar signal gets split into treble and bass content in the harmonic tremolo, massaged by two independent opto circuits to create the volume modulation and mixed together again. The resulting slight phase shifting adds the sweet richness to the sound, just like it did in the original amps that followed this idea.
Absolutely great ingredient for ballads, R&B, Soul, Blues and Pop songs. And you’re most welcome to push those boundaries.
As you will see in the demo it doubles nicely as a clean booster if you keep the Depth knob low and it adds shine to your tone, if you dial up the volume it pushes your amp if you want to.
For more intense tremolo effect keep the Depth control above noon. Speed goes from really slow to hypno fast.
Check out the excellent demo by Wellington guitarist
Nick Granville:

tremolo effect stomp boxes

“This one (the Golden Syrup harmonic tremolo, sic) is quite unique in that sense that is has such an amazing range…. It’s perfect for Soul, Blues and R&B styles, but I also use this a lot when I do Rock gigs and stuff….. What it says it’s gonna do it does very well.”

Nick Granville, Wellington


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