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Univibe guitar effect stomp


A sound so unique and rich. Just can’t go past it.

Univibe guitar effect stomp
Univibe guitar effect stomp

Doppler Vibe

A true Univibe of course, with the light bulb and four photo resistors at it’s heart. A quirky design that gave birth to a rich and unmistakable sound that so many greats wove into classic songs. Did I say Jimi? Robin Trower, Peter Frampton, Gilmour?
And let’s update it, keep the goodness and make it more versatile.
Unlike the original this does not have the unwelcome volume drop when engaged. The Blend control allows to go seamlessly from the Vibe to Chorus setting, on the original it is only a switch between the two options. And the Colour control lets you have an impact on the actual working point of the light bulb from the dash board, this results in a myriad of shades in sounds. The controls are pretty interactive, so there’s loads of room to experiment and get creative.

Univibe guitar effect stomp
Univibe guitar effect stomp

Vibro King

A true Univibe of course as well, with the light bulb and four photo resistors at it’s heart.
This is to give you extra choices in controls compared to the Doppler vibe.
Depth (Intensity of effect) and Speed are the same, however on this we have a separate bass and treble control to dial in your sounds. The Volume controls rounds it off so you can always match to unity gain or even slightly push the signal depending what you want.
Beautiful choices….!

NZ $ 289 including free courier shipping within NZ.
For overseas orders:
US $ 204 approx please check with current exchange rate, please contact. Shipping for overseas extra on top de pending on location.

Feel free to contact me for more advice which one may be the best choice for you!

Univibe guitar effect stomp

“I’ve had a Doppler Vibe on my board for a few months now and I still keep finding more in it.
It has a way of sitting inside your sound rather that on top of it. Great pedals and great service.”



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